"Having worked with ES, I can safely say you're in amazingly creative hands!" - D.B

Edit Sweet Ltd.
Edit Sweet Ltd.

Why choose us?

We understand


We do understand just how daunting the prospect of making a video is. There is so much to consider, storyboarding, lighting, sound, music, scripts and the ULTIMATE question - will it look good and do it's job?

This all comes down to trust in who you choose to carry out your video work. Absolute clear communication in order to CREATE the desired video is essential.This comes from talking and collaborating and coming up with a storyboard that promotes you, your business, product or event in the way YOU want your customers to see. So that they buy into you. 

As the professionals


We do everything we can to make the process as easy for you as possible whilst getting the most out of the experience. And that's what it is, filming is an experience we want you to enjoy! It's no fun going through filming like it's a chore - it should be an exciting venture for you and your company.

Let us deal with the technical side - the lights, sound and camera operations. Be yourselves and enjoy the experience - THIS is what sells. This is what works.

The finishing touches to a video come in the editing stage. So that we create the desired effect your video needs to emote. Wherther that's an etherial wedding setting, a cinematic film look or a crisp clear product demonstration - the look of the film comes down to careful colour grading and smooth transitions - something of which can only be done by professionals otherwise, we'd all use our phones to create our videos!

Using our services


We put our heart, soul, passion and creative minds into every video we make. Edit Sweet Ltd is a business with a heart and when you choose to use us, you'll have that added knowledge that the profits do not go into our back pockets but into the wellbeing of many in the local community. 

If you were to buy a sandwich that only profited the company RATHER than actually feeding a homeless person at the same time, we know what would make us happy when having our lunch. 

It's the same with choosing Edit Sweet Ltd. Your investment into making a great video with us is not only the professional look and feel of the video - the fantastic video hits - the talk of your production but the knowledge that we can provide much needed support to those who need it.